UC Economics Professor

Michael Jones

Economics Professor
I'm Michael Jones, and I'm an economics professor at the University of Cincinnati. Michael Hiles was kind enough to be a guest speaker in my cryptocurrency class a few years ago.

I'm leading a cryptoeconomics hardware lab as well as directing a student cryptocurrency fund at UC. Looking forward to learning from you all and contributing where possible. I hope to do what I can to help Cincinnati become a leader in the blockchain space!

Jon Breyfogle

Digital Securities Lab Community Manager
Staff member
May 30, 2022
Findlay, Ohio
Welcome aboard, Michael. We're excited to have higher ed represented and I'm certain you'll be a valuable member of our community. Look forward to your insights and hope (and trust) that we'll fulfill your need/wish to provide plenty of knowledge and insight in return. And by we, I mean this awesome DS Lab community.

Michael Hiles

CEO 10XTS, Decentralizing Capital Markets
Staff member
May 29, 2022
Cincinnati, Ohio USA
Stoked to see you here Michael Jones! Feel free to post anything and everything of interest about what's going on at UC. We're in the process of rolling out the bigger marketing for the community, which we're glad you're now a member!

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