Should I post here or contact support?

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Please keep in mind, the Digital Securities Lab community is not a support channel but rather a hub for all members to connect, share knowledge, and get inspired.

It means, here you can get help from your fellow community members and share your own expertise to help someone else. That's the power of our community! Please be thoughtful and considerate when asking a question.

If you're looking for official, in-depth support, reach out to our team directly.

When is it best to contact our support team?
  • Something "Is not working"
  • You need help with your account
  • You're experiencing a technical issue or a bug
  • Your request is time-sensitive
When is it best to post in the community?
  • You want to learn how other Digital Securities Lab members are working to solve a specific problem
  • You need guidance or feedback on your project
  • You have a question that is not time-sensitive
If you have already submitted a support request, please do not duplicate your question in the community, and vice versa, if you’ve already created a community post, please do not submit a ticket to the Support team. Let’s keep our conversation in one place for your and our convenience.
Not open for further replies.

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