Market Feedback on Tokenized Real Estate Investment Trust (TREIT)

Chris Sorensen

Startup and Product-Market Fit Expert
May 31, 2022
Seeking thoughts and feedback on this concept:

With the projected explosion of Real Estate Tokens, we are developing an investment fund (TREIT) to create a well diversified and optimized portfolio of 3rd party tokens.

How is a TREIT better than a traditional REIT?

1) More affordable - minimum investment $5k
2) Much broader diversification (buying tokens is less expensive than properties)
3) Better liquidity at the fund level AND the investor level


Michael Hiles

CEO 10XTS, Decentralizing Capital Markets
Staff member
May 29, 2022
Cincinnati, Ohio USA
@Chris Sorensen plenty of thoughts and a lot of blood sweat and tears personally invested in the REIT discussion. Your three benefits are the start of a deeper list.

I'll have more REIT discussions shortly with some major forthcoming announcements involving the first Form 10 public registration of said entity.
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