Making the Financial System Safer and Fairer: Speech from Michael S. Barr, Vice Chair for Supervision Federal Reserve System

Michael Hiles

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May 29, 2022
Cincinnati, Ohio USA
Interesting excerpts about crypto from his recent speech

Stablecoins as Private Money
Another priority for me as Vice Chair is the regulation and oversight of new forms of private money created through stablecoins. Stablecoins, like other unregulated private money, could pose financial stability risks.5 History shows that in the absence of appropriate regulation, private money is subject to destabilizing runs, financial instability, and the potential for widespread economic harm. In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, before the advent of prudential bank regulation and deposit insurance and before action was taken to ensure private money creation by banks was appropriately regulated, repeated crises did substantial damage to the U.S. economy. I believe Congress should work expeditiously to pass much-needed legislation to bring stablecoins, particularly those designed to serve as a means of payment, inside the prudential regulatory perimeter. I look forward to continued partnership with other regulatory agencies and Congress to address the risks of stablecoins.

Crypto-asset related activity, both outside and inside supervised banks, requires oversight so that people are fully aware of the risks they face.
We plan to work with other bank regulatory agencies to ensure that crypto activity inside banks is well regulated, based on the principle of same risk, same activity, same regulation, regardless of the technology used for the activity. I plan to make sure that the crypto activity of banks that we supervise is subject to the necessary safeguards that protect the safety of the banking system as well as bank customers. Banks engaged in crypto-related activities need to have appropriate measures in place to manage novel risks associated with those activities and to ensure compliance with all relevant laws, including those related to money laundering.


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Aug 30, 2022
I wonder why Binance announced this week they would not be supporting auto conversion of Tether. I think Tether has big problems, especially with their balance sheet investments.

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