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Chris Sorensen

Startup and Product-Market Fit Expert
May 31, 2022
I'm a Silicon Valley veteran, and a recent graduate of the Founder Institute VC Lab Program ( which is focused on accelerating the next generation of venture funds.

I am launching a new asset class for Venture called Venture Investment Portfolios (VIP Funds), which are thematic micro-funds designed to give accredited investors a new way to invest in early stage tech companies, without the hassle of being an Angel investor themselves.
See for more info.

I am exploring tokenizing the VIP funds to provide potential fractional liquidity for investors.

Michael Hiles

CEO 10XTS, Decentralizing Capital Markets
Staff member
May 29, 2022
Cincinnati, Ohio USA
Chris Sorensen so glad you joined! Congrats on surviving and thriving the FI VC Lab, Adeo is a monster when it comes to mentorship. Be sure to keep us posted on your fund progress!

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