Greeting and Salutations from the Code Wookie

John Bentley II

Tokens and NFTS for the real world
Staff member
May 30, 2022
Northern Kentucky
I am John Bentley, II, aka the Code Wookie. While I do enjoy sunsets and long walks on the beach, it is applying blockchain to solve real world problems that gets me out of bed in the morning. I am particularly fascinated by NFTs at the moment. I see real potential and a lot of needs to solve problems for something you own "forever" that is based on the ever-changing landscape of tech.

Michael Hiles

CEO 10XTS, Decentralizing Capital Markets
Staff member
May 29, 2022
Cincinnati, Ohio USA
Glad to see the Code Wookie jumping in here! For those who don't know John Bentley, II is 10XTS CTO and tech curmudgeon who can growl in four different Wookie dialects depending on his severity of annoyance with business development's ad hoc requests for features that weren't on the release schedule.

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