European Union Looks to Make it Easier for Firms to List Shares, Especially SMEs

Jon Breyfogle

Digital Securities Lab Community Manager
Staff member
May 30, 2022
Findlay, Ohio
As part of the ongoing objective of a Capital Markets Union, the European Union has announced new proposals aimed at making it easier for firms to list securities across the EU.

According to a statement by the EU, the proposed measures will:
  • Make the clearing landscape more attractive by enabling central counterparties (CCPs) to expand their products quicker and easier, and to clear and build liquidity at EU CCPs.
  • Help build a safe and resilient clearing system, by strengthening the EU supervisory framework for CCPs.
  • Reduce excessive exposures of EU market participants to CCPs in third countries, particularly for derivatives identified as substantially systemic by the European Securities and Markets Authority.


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